Design, Development, Wordpress.


I am a Brazilian Designer with experience in Visual Design, knowledge and practice in Front-end and Wordpress development.

Since 2000 I have been working with creative teams to different markets including Agro Business, Stock Market, Entertainment, Music, Tourism and others. Developing useful design concepts for digital and print media. I also use my analytical side to help me solve problems. I believe the holistic approach of projects combined with organizational skill are key to delivering positive results. I currently live in Brasilia and work as Freelance Designer.



In 2011 I created the visual concept and screens to the site of samba singer Ana Costa. Developed the front-end code and also realized the implementation of the site to Wordpress.

I created a custom system for management discography and touring schedule from scratch using Custom Post Types and ACF.


In 2011 I worked in the Marketing sector of Ativa Investimentos, at the time the 2nd largest brokerage in Brazil. In this period I had the opportunity to create the visual concept for the Ativa Investimentos Blog and their channels. For this project I developed the front-end and the implementation of the blog to Wordpress.


Visual Design, front-end and back-end of events tool for Ativa Educar, educational sector of Ativa Investimentos. I developed the system using Wordpress Custom Post Types and ACF.

Blog Ativa

The Blog of Ativa Investimentos has been used as one of the channels of communication between analysts and the general public. In this tool were published relevant news reports and specific information about markets.

Home Broker
Ativa Investimentos

I developed in 2011, still in Ativa Investimentos, the project of the mobile version of Home Broker. This tool is used for the purchase and sale of shares in the market. I worked in the design, development of wireframes and visual design.

Mármores e Granitos

In 2015 I created the visual concept, developed the front-end and integration with Wordpress of Nerycom Mármores e Granitos do Brasil website.
In the institutional part, developed an online inventory tool, where vendors can access the online inventory sheets for presentation to customers. This company works in Marble and Granito sector.


Nino Carvalho is one of the top experts in Digital Marketing in Brazil. In 2012 I created the visual concept, and developed front-end and integration with Wordpress for your website.
One of the tools developed was a hub of social networks, which had all its networks in a visual element. I used JavaScript and PHP to call the data feeds.


In 2014 I created the visual identity for the corporate website and the blog of the American company of Grid Dynamics Technology.


In 2015 I had the opportunity to develop the front-end of some screens from the 'Like a Boss' project to SEBRAE Brazil. SEBRAE is one of the largest Brazilian institutions that promotes micro entrepreneur.

Universidade Federal
do Rio de Janeiro

In 2012 I developed a project for the Chromatography Laboratory at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. I developed the visual concept and the front-end of a landing page for a DVD about Chromatography. UFRJ is the biggest federal public education institution in Brazil.


In 2014 I was hired to develop a suggestion for the new website of the NFIB, American Association of small businesses.

Beach Hotel

Nootka Hotel is specialized for lovers of water sports on the road for Ceará.
In 2011 I was hired to design the visual identity and front-end development of the hotel website.

Art Hotel

Also in 2011 I was hired to create the visual concept and develop front-end of Orixas Art Hotel website. The hotel is in luxury category and is located in Ceará.

Food Art

For Konibaa Food Art i was hired to create the visual design, develop the front-end and integration with Wordpress of your website and blog.